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Fictional short film (23 mins). 2012 Dir: Susana Guardiola. DOP: José María Civit (for Words of Peace Global). Winner of the Public Award at the Unplugged Film Festival.

Peace Teaser

Feature-length documentary film (90 mins and 52 mins) and a documentary series (10x 45 mins) on Culture of Peace. A transmedia project called ‘Voces por la Paz’ [Voices for Peace]. In development. Finalist in the PROA Growth Programme.

Voces desde Mozambique

[Voices from Mozambique]

Feature-length documentary film (96 mins and 52 mins). (2011) Dir: Susana Guardiola and Françoise Polo. DOP: José María Civit (for Bausan Films). Executive Producers: Susana Guardiola, Loris Omedes, Marita Solá (for Bausan Films).

WeGO Barcelona

(2014) Dir: Susana Guardiola. DOP: José María Civit. Creative director: Franxa Tomas (for Mobile World Congress).

This is the time poem

Teaser for the feature-length documentary called ‘Voces desde Mozambique’ [Voices from Mozambique] (2011). Directors and Script-Writers: Susana Guardiola and Françoise Polo. Executive Producers: Susana Guardiola, Loris Omedes, Marita Solá (for Bausan Films).

Stories By Susana Guardiola

We are an audio-visual production company based in Poble Nou, one of the most creative districts in the city of Barcelona. We are dedicated to the production, development and financing of projects, both for documentaries and fictional work.

Together with a team of collaborators from Barcelona, the UK, Los Angeles and New York, we offer our services for development, script-writing, directing, producing, executive production, and musical composition and service, in order to attain distinct audio-visual formats and genres (for documentaries, television, fiction, advertising, brand content, video clips, music and 360 VR). We can also help you with working towards it being played or distributed on multiple platforms (television, online, cinema, museums, video installations, festivals and/or events).

We have experience in co-producing nationally and internationally, and also in accessing funds from Spain, Europe and TV channels, both in the national and international market. We have worked with multiple production companies from both the Spanish and the international markets; with television networks, foundations, corporations, NGOs, publicity agents and producers; and we have a large, working network with teams around the world.

Following twenty years of experience in the sector, both at a national and international level, it is worth highlighting that Susana Guardiola, the founder, has collaborated with the following companies:

Telemundo (Miami), Universal Pictures (LA), Cinehauss (LA), Jersey Films (LA), West Productions (US), Todd-Ao Studios (LA), Shot by Pedro Aznar Films (Barcelona [Bcn]), Puente Aéreo (Bcn), Tesauro (Bcn & Madrid), Widescope (Bcn & Malaga), Left Hook Films (LA), Bausan Films (Bcn), TVC (Bcn), LX Filmes (Lisbon), Zoom films (Mozambique), RTP (Portugal), Mallerich Films (Bcn), Gestmusic (Bcn), Tele5 (Spain), Mediapro (Bcn), Urano (Bcn), Goroka (Bcn), Expo (Zaragoza), Minimal Films (Bcn), BTV (Bcn), Visiona TV (Bcn), Dynamo (Colombia), Más Imagen (Chile), Magnolia TV (Mad), Nephilim (Mad), Promarfi Futuro (Bcn), ARTE (France), TVE (Spain), Words of Peace Global (LA, Bcn & New Delhi), The Prem Rawat Foundation (LA), Cad Productions (Bcn), La Joya Producciones (Mad & Bcn), Sr. Alce (Bcn), Fundación Mujeres Felices (Bcn), África Viva (Bcn), VICE Studios (Bcn & LA) and Mediapro Studios (Bcn & Mad).